Mead is an alcoholic beverage, made from honey and water, fermented with yeast. Its alcoholic content may range from that of a mild ale to that of a strong wine. Mead is often referred to as honey wine.

The earliest archaeological evidence for the production of mead dates to around 7000 BC.

Honeybees filling combs with honey

Mead can be dry, medium or sweet (Sack) and all stages in between. To achieve a medium mead would require about 4lbs of honey per gallon, this equates to a little under 1/2 lb of honey per bottle, whereas for a sack mead about 5lbs of honey per gallon would be required.

The honey is usually added gradually over the fermentation period otherwise there is the risk of the fermentation halting.

Mead needs about a year in oak barrels to develop character - a Sack mead should ideally have at least four years to develop properly.

The alcohol level will vary from about 7% for a dry to about 15% for a good Sack (lots of honey) mead.

Ideally mead is best served lightly chilled and whilst mead keeps well it should be kept cool and closed to reduce oxidation.

Mead makes an excellent aperitif and dessert wine or just for drinking on its own.

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