Good Plants & Shrubs For Bees


Pyracantha - (Firethorn) is a genus of large thorny evergreen shrubs. Pyracanthas are tough, very hardy shrubs which tolerate a wide range of demanding conditions, including exposed and shaded positions. These plants are very useful as dense thorny evergreen intruder-proof hedging. The plants may reach up to six metres tall. Depending on the species chosen, they will have white flowers and either red, orange, or yellow berries, which add a nice splash of colour during the autumn.


Broom - common broom (Cytisus scoparius), A hardy evergreen species that prefers sunny sites, with a dry, light, sandy soil. Common to most brooms, during spring & summer its apparently leafless stems, are covered in profuse golden-yellow flowers. In late summer, its peapod-like seed capsules burst open, spreading seed from the parent plant. It grows as a shrub about 1-3m tall and is a great source of forage for the bees.

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