Good Plants & Shrubs For Bees


Crocus - is a genus of flowering plants in the iris family that comprises some 90 species of perennials that grow from corms. Crocuses are grown for their flowers, but are native to woodland areas. They have thin almost grass like leaves and a huge variety of colour in their flowers, some flower in the autumn but the majority flower in spring and serve as an early indicator of more favourable weather after a dark cold winter and as such bees eagerly seek them out. The spice saffron comes from a Crocus.


Hazel - (Corylus), A hardy deciduous species that flowers early in spring, producing catkins. The common hazel is grown to produce nuts, but the tree has many other uses too, its branches have historically been used for making baskets, wattle and any other application that utilised a wooden framework, that could be bent into shape such as coracle boats.

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