Good Plants & Shrubs For Bees


Meadowsweet - (Filipendula) other names include Dropwort, Mead Wort and Queen of the Meadow. Meadowsweet is a herb and the whoole of the plant has been used as a medicine to treat a number of ailments particularly stomach problems, such as heartburn, stomach ulcers, and diarrhoea. The plant likes wet ground, the stems are 1-2m (3-7 ft) tall, and reddish in colour. The leaves are dark-green, and creamy-white flowers having a very strong, sweet smell. They flower from June to early September.

Viper's Bugloss

Viper's Bugloss - (Echium vulgare) also known as blueweed. it grows to 30-80 cm (12-31 in) tall, with rough, hairy leaves. The flowers start pink and turn blue, the pollen is also blue. It flowers between May and September. Viper's Bugloss is one of the most impressive and long-flowering wild flowers of wasteland and seashore. It flowers for months at a time, and is happy in sun or light shade and is always smothered with bees.

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