Good Plants & Shrubs For Bees

Bumblebee on Clover flowers

Clover - (Trifolium), or trefoil, is extensively cultivated as fodder plants. The most widely cultivated clovers are white clover Trifolium repens and red clover Trifolium pratense. Clover, either sown alone or in mixture with ryegrass, has for a long time formed a staple crop for soiling, it grows freely, shooting up again after repeated mowings; it produces an abundant crop and is nutritious for livestock. It grows in a great range of soils and also used for either pasturage or green composting. We have clover in our lawns and wild area which the bees love to forage on.

Bumblebee on a Spear Thistle

Cirsium Vulgare - Also known as Spear Thislte. Thistles are known for their effusive flower heads, usually purple or rose to pink, also yellow or white. The flowers are produced at the end of the branches and they have prickly stems and leaves, the base of the flower is enlarged and also commonly spiny. Long considerd a weed they spread by seed carried on the wind. Consider allowing some to colonise your wild flower patch in the garden and the bees will thank you for it!

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