Good Plants & Shrubs For Bees

Bumblebee on Veronica spicata

Veronica - (Veronica spicata) also known as Spiked Speedwell, varieties include blue ('Royal Candles'), red ('Red Fox') and white ('Noah Williams) these profusely floweing little perennial plants stand approximately 12"- 18" inches, remove dead flower spikes to prolong flowering and it will attract bees all day long!

Honeybee on Brambles

Bramble - Blackberry Bush (Rubus fruticosa), Everybody knows what its like to get caught up on and prickled by these large, fast growing tangly bushes. Considered a pest by many gardners, it sends out suckers and runners and can spring up as another plant, several feet away. There is no denying though the taste of a large succulent blackberry thats ripened in the warm summer sunshine, a favourite past-time is blackberry picking! Bees love them too!

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