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BBCT - The Bumblebee Conservation Trust was founded in response to growing concerns about the 'plight of the bumblebee'. In the last 70 years two species have become nationally extinct and several others have experienced dramatic declines. We aim to prevent further declines, and to raise awareness of the problems bumblebees face.

FERA - The Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera) is responsible for the Government's bee health policy in England and in particular, the implementation of the Healthy Bees Plan. Fera's National Bee Unit (NBU) delivers the bee health programme in England and in Wales (on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government).

BeeBase - A National Bee Unit website. It is designed for beekeepers and supports Defra, WAG and Scotland's Bee Health Programmes and the Healthy Bees Plan, which set out to protect and sustain our valuable national bee stocks.

The Guide to Beekeeping for Adults and Kids

A Kid's Guide to Honey - History, Recipes and More

Collapsing Honey Bee Colonies: Blame The Parasites? - The honey bee population of North America is declining and new research may help answer why.

National Geographic Wild - Honeybee Apis mellifera - Learn all you wanted to know about honeybees with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic.

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