Gardening For All Bees

Wildflowers are becoming scarce in the countryside because we've lost many traditional habitats like hedgerows, hay meadows and chalk grassland. The practice of applying pesticides in farmland has also drastically reduced wildflower numbers. As a result, many species of bees dramatically declined, with two species already extinct within the U.K and several others species giving serious cause for concern. Wildlife gardens have become a refuge for some bee species. Within the U.K you should be able to attract at least a dozen species of bees into your garden, if you provide the kind of habitat that they prefer.

A stunning Wildflower Meadow

Bees need flowers throughout the Spring and Summer (March-Sept), and these need to be the right kinds of flowers. Annuals, bedding plants & other cultivated garden flowers are largely unsuitable, as they produce little in the way of pollen and nectar. Instead, why not try growing traditional cottage garden flowers and native wildflowers? Many of these plants are easy to grow & will thrive and look stunning within your garden, generally they are hardier and much more resistant to disease and pests such as slugs than the cultivated species. You may also wish to take a look at our list of Good plants for Bees. We have specially selected some great value, wildflower seed mixes which are highly beneficial to all bees, they are easy to grow and will self seed and come up year after year and require hardly any maintenance, they available on our store here.

Create a home for Bees to nest in

A Bumblebee inspecting a new home

Follow this link for tips on creating a home for bees