Choosing a suitable site for your bee hive

Choosing a site for your hive & bees is an important consideration that deserves some thought. When we started keeping bees, we read many books on the subject of siting a bee hive, some of them contradicted each other and through experience we have found that a good site for a hive should receive the early morning sun, to help them to rapidly warm up on chilly mornings, with some shade from trees for the strongest afternoon and evening sun.

a suitable site for a bee hive

Some bee hives are kept on allotments or other disused land, consider constructing or purchasing a hive stand, this makes inspecting the colony easier, and it makes moving heavy supers less difficult, it will help deter mice and other pests such as slugs and snails from entering the hive and as we found out this year, it gives the colony some protection in the event that your plot becomes flooded.

Hive stands make lifting heaving supers easier and deter pests and protect the hive in the event of flooding

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