Honey & Bee Products

Honeybees obviously produce honey, but you may be surprised to learn of some of the other health giving by-products, of this miraculous little insect.

Honeybees filling combs with honey

Mother Nature's finest natural product, pure honey is packed with health promoting qualities making it one of the healthiest food products available.

Support your local bee keepers by purchasing honey from them rather than from a super-market shelf. Usually collected from their own local honeybee hives, the honey is hygienically extracted from the honey comb and poured into sterile glass jars, to be in perfect condition when opened.

The problem with super-market honey is that it is sourced from all over the world and only packaged in the U.K. This means that you can never be quite sure as to how and where that particular honey was harvested.

If you buy your honey locally you can ask about the location of the apiary and the forage that the bees are working off of, you get a much more intimate appreciation of the honey and i dare say some degree of satisfaction of knowing that the honeybees that produced that honey may well have been in your very own garden!